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The MarshBerry MAX Performer Award Program

MarshBerry's MAX Performer program recognizes organizations as a whole, not a fraction. 

  • MarshBerry's MAX Performer is the only program to recognize the entire breadth of your organization - not just a sliver like financial performance or employer of choice designations.
  • Our program offers comprehensive marketing tools. Qualifying independent Insurance Agents and Brokers demonstrating excellence in the areas of Financial Performance, Technology Leadership and Cultural Awareness earn a MAX Performance Award. Support includes advertising to promote MAX Performers as well as a toolkit (communications, promotional options, etc.) to help you announce the award to prospects, clients and employee recruits.
  • Your data is reviewed and validated by one of MarshBerry’s data scientists which means you receive actionable data, in the form of a financial and employee assessment on how to help your firm be more successful. Additionally, your data is secure - and your information will not be sold to third party vendors.
  • Participation is free. Submission to the program is complimentary.
  • Identify Winners & Celebrate! Our program recognizes winners in major metropolitan areas, regionally and nationally. We will host an awards recognition program in the Spring of 2020 ultimately recognizing one national winner. Information will be made available as winners and details are finalized.

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  • Strong financial performance
  • A client-first culture
  • Focus on innovation and operational experience
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  • Drive insights and revenue to your organization
  • Comprehensive marketing tools like advertising, communications tools, and promotional tools
  • The weight of the MarshBerry name attached to yours
  • Click HERE to download the 2019 MAX Press Release
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2019 MAX Performer Winners: