In 2015, MarshBerry launched our first Organic Growth Survey.  The goal of the
survey was to identify organic growth trends, as well as provide insight into recruiting and sales management practices.

Over 170 independently owned insurance agencies responded, with an average revenue size of $15 million. 

Building a sustainable organic growth engine takes time, commitment, focus, and planning. It requires identifying and tackling the obstacles; understanding metrics;
developing a detailed sales process with milestones; establishing a timeline to accomplish goals; and finally executing.
This is how organic growth is achieved and sustained.

Findings include:

  • Looking at the growth by region, the West and Southwest regions performed the best with organic growth rates of 10.7% and 9.8%, respectively. These two regions experienced the highest economic growth compared with other regions in the U.S. and outperformed the nation as a whole.
  • With a steady but moderate growth in the market, a number of agencies are pushing towards niche and industry specialization.
  • Producers under 40 years old generated 32% of new business for the Average agency.
  • When measuring the performance of new producers, Average agencies focus more on commission dollars sold, but not on the activity that will eventually drive the commission dollars sold.
  • Over 90% of agencies that have greater than $20 Million in revenue assign mentors to new producers.


The complete report offers industry insight on:

  • Overall growth trends
  • Sales management strategies highlighting agency wide policies, systems and processes including
    producer accountability metrics, account thresholds and marketing structures.
  • Staffing and productivity information including hiring, retention and compensation data
  • Insight into producer training and mentoring and productivity metrics

The full report is available for purchase for $599 by clicking the "Buy Now" button.  

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