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MarshBerry hosts numerous events for everyone in the insurance distribution channel. These range from Merger & Acquisition + Organic Growth and Debt & Equity summits to producer training.  Our goal is to ensure your firm has the right industry data to drive performance innovation across their business. Learn more about our current roster of events below.

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SESSION FULL: Evolve Your Selling: Changing Your Sales Approach During the Pandemic

04/9/2020 | 11am - 11:45am

Insurance organizations across the country are feeling the effects of COVID-19, through their clients and their individual staff. As a producer, you have two options: (1) sit back and do nothing, or (2) build a proactive strategy that allows you to continue your sales efforts while focusing on adding value to your clients & prospects. In this session, we’ll discuss how to ensure you have the right resources to sell in a virtual environment, minimizing the "gaps" between you and your clients & prospects, and focusing on the fundamentals to help drive your prospecting and communication efforts.